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Family tree drawing and pedigree management

Evagene is the easiest way to draw family trees on your computer, process the underlying information and identify abnormal risks of hereditary disease in your patients and support your clinical decisions.

There has never been an easier, faster, more fun way to draw family trees

Evagene Natural Pedigree Drawing lets you draw family trees exactly as you would with a pencil.

This short tutorial video tells you all you need to know to get started.

If you prefer to use a pencil to draw pedigrees, Evagene will be a welcome alternative to learning unintuitive sequences of key presses and left and right mouse clicks. Evagene pioneers Evagene Natural Pedigree Drawing so that sketching family trees can be just as straightforward as putting pen to paper


Evagene pedigrees integrate your drawing with whatever data you need

If you have filing cabinets full of family tree diagrams, patient records and notes, then Evagene could help you to organise your office. Evagene makes it simple to store any type of information you like - patient metrics, contact information, environmental factors - as an integral part of any number of your pedigrees. With a unique approach to modelling the data and the events that take place on any entity, you need not be bogged down with unnecessary forms, yet drilling down to the information you need is straightforward


Share your work with colleagues

Evagene helps you to share pedigree and study data and collaborate on important work. Present only the information important to you and reduce complexity without compromise


Trusted risk analysis from Bayes-Mendel is integrated and ready to use

As soon as you have drawn your first pedigree, Evagene is ready to apply the peer-reviewed, trusted analyses of Bayes-Mendel and the established tools used by genetics professionals every day

Calculate patient risks for

Breast cancer
Ovarian cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Colorectal cancer
Endometrial cancer

Evagene allows you to generate family trees rapidly and instantly offer clinical decision support based on tried and tested algorithms respected throughout the industry


Evagene's genetic model grows to meet your needs

Evagene is so much more than the best pedigree diagramming tool. The underlying records closely mirror biological structures and events giving you much greater flexibility in how you manage your information.

No data is "hard-coded" or deeply ingrained - as you develop or acquire new penetrance tables or ethnicity data, Evagene can take it on board and even retrospectively apply it to any of your existing pedigrees.

Evagene can learn about diseases, chromosomes and any data you can imagine, and how that information applies to patients and pedigrees


No I.T. headaches

Evagene software does not require a team of IT professionals to install and configure - simply follow the on-screen instructions to set up everything your computer needs to start drawing, analysing and managing pedigrees straight away. There are no dependencies on expensive, third-party databases or networking tools


Works with your existing office and pedigree software: GEDCOM, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and InfoPath

Evagene has been designed to belong alongside the best productivity software to reduce the gradient of the learning curve. Whether you prefer to use icons or keyboard shortcuts, everything is laid out in logical, familiar patterns. You don't need to understand computer jargon, databases or server to carry out any operations in Evagene. 

If you use Microsoft Office, Evagene can publish your family tree diagrams and risk analysis results directly to Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

GEDCOM is the most widely-used means of communicating family history data. If you use currently software for creating or managing pedigrees, it is likely that GEDCOM will allow all your existing data to be quickly and painlessly loaded in Evagene. Evagene can also save family trees in the GEDCOM format so that all your favourite pedigree applications can take advantage of Evagene's unique and powerful benefits.