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Xiasma Ltd, 50 Plumstead Road, Thorpe End


Data Entry

Evagene Natural Pedigree Drawing is the most natural way to draw pedigrees on your computer
Form-based data entry allows pedigrees to be generated from patient family history questionnaires*
Icon-based data entry allows the shortest learning curve for hardened pedigree software experts
Graphical interface optimised for user experience and productivity
Full clipboard support
Nested, historic Undo and Redo functionality

Reporting, Loading, Saving

Create Microsoft Word documents directly from pedigrees*
Create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations directly from pedigrees*
Create Adobe PDF documents directly from pedigrees
Create and send emails directly from pedigrees
Create graphic images in BMP, JPEG, GIF and PNG formats directly from pedigrees
Print and Print Preview just one click away

Risk Analysis

Breast cancer genetic predisposition analysis from integrated Bayes-Mendel
Ovarian cancer genetic predisposition analysis from integrated Bayes-Mendel
Pancreatic cancer genetic predisposition analysis from integrated Bayes-Mendel
Endometrial cancer genetic predisposition analysis from integrated Bayes-Mendel
Colorectal cancer genetic predisposition analysis from integrated Baye-Mendel
Automatic inbreeding coefficient consanguinity calculations
Uses your genetic data and also ships with peer-reviewed and supported models ready to run

Pedigree Visualisation

More than 7000 icons and symbols industry-standard available to represent patient and familial data
Automatic page resizing
Complete control over pedigree presentation - colours, scaling
Vector-based drawing for resolution-independent, jaggy-free screens at any zoom level
Annotations allow free-form text in any font, size and colour


Supports diploid and any polyploidy species imaginable
Any number of chromosomes and markers
Define your own diseases and ethnicities or use the default species data
Add your own fields to suit your unique requirements
Display any data on the pedigree, formatted however you choose



Create studies based on subsets of species data
Only use the diseases, ethnicities, chromosomes, markers and fields that matter
Apply your presets and styles to any pedigree
Easy sharing of data with colleagues around the world
No special IT infrastructure, databases or networking required
*Requires Microsoft Office