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Xiasma Ltd, 50 Plumstead Road, Thorpe End

Terms & Conditions

Evagene may be purchased then downloaded and installed on one work computer and one home computer, strictly for use by the same person. Some functionality of Evagene is enhanced by the presence of Microsoft Office also being installed on the same computer, although it is not a prerequisite.  

Customers may use Evagene on a perpetual licence forever. A perpetual licence of Evagene entitles you to all patches, Major Revisions and Minor Revisions for the duration of the product’s life (that is, until the product is no longer available to purchase from Xiasma and no longer supported by Xiasma). At any time during the product’s life, valid registered users or registered Site Managers for the valid users of the Site Licence may download patches. The user or Site Manager is responsible for keeping their installation current with the most recent patches and upgrades. A Minor Revision will be signified as the final one or two digits of the version number changing; a Major Revision will be signified as the middle digit of the version number changing; a New Product will be signified as the first digit of the version number changing. For example, version 1.0.00 to 1.0.01 would be eligible (a Minor Revision); version 1.0.00 to 1.1.00 would be eligible (Major Revision); version 1.0.00 to 2.0.00 would be ineligible (New Version). Valid registered users may continue to use Evagene for as long as they choose or until they “trade in” their licence for a product upgrade. There are no ongoing fees or charges. Support is not included in the purchase price of Evagene and is offered on defects in the product, as defined by Xiasma, for a period of 28 days from the date of purchase are strictly at the discretion of Xiasma. Further support may be arranged on request.

No promises, guarantees or warranties are offered or implied regarding the accuracy of or application of any risk analysis or calculation performed by Evagene or any other software.  It is assumed that the user is a trained professional and the use of Evagene is for convenience and support and not to directly make or alter clinical or medical decisions, advice or treatment.